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Title:  Obligatory Beach Scene (Johnny Loses Another Shirt)
Author:  Jett-chan
Fandom: ... Open for debate?
Characters:  Johnny Storm/Peter Parker
Rating:  T (Johnny's not happy)
Summary:  The summer season owes Johnny a new wardrobe.

I live! After a long period of absence (I manage another community now, yo) I have finally written something for this pairing again. It's like visiting an old, dear friend~ ... An old, dear friend that has the potential for hot sex... and the like...


“Damnit! Not again!”


Peter lowered his camera (the sudden outburst had scared off the seagulls anyway) and turned to his friend. He snorted and held back a chuckle as he placed the cover back on the lens.


“It’s not funny, man! This is the seventh shirt- seventh in a week- that this has happen to!” Johnny yelled, spreading his arms wide to show Peter his smoking t-shirt. There were several holes in it; so many, in fact, that strips of fabric were practically hanging off of him, exposing quite a bit of toned skin. Because of his “naturally” high body temperature, summer was the bane of Johnny’s existence. His irate expression showed his demand for seriousness regarding the situation, but Peter couldn’t help himself.


He dug into his jacket pocket and pulled out the cell phone his boyfriend had gotten him. He scrolled down through his various ring tones before deciding on one. With a barely contained grin he hit play.


It’s gettin’ hot in here! So take off all your clothes!”


Several bikini clad woman walking by turned to the music and eyed the Human Torch with approval, some even giving little waves and winks. Johnny quickly let his arms fall and glared at Peter. Peter, though, was no longer holding in his laughter, clutching the camera around his neck to keep it from swinging.


“Oh. Oh, yeah. Nice…”


Peter’s laughter broke off only long enough for him to select another song.


Ole ole, ole ole! Feelin’ hot, hot, hot!” 


Cracking up again, Peter moved his hands as if he were shaking a pair of maracas. Johnny stared at the younger man for a while before gritting his teeth and growling, pulling at the remains of the shirt to get the fabric off of him.


We have to take our clothes off!”


“Dude! Cut it out, it’s not funny anymore!” Johnny yelled, suddenly bursting into a brief flash of flames. It stopped as soon as it had begun, but now the blond man’s jeans were just as condemned as his shirt. “DAMNIT!” He wrestled with his belt to take the charred denim off (he still had his swimming trunks on underneath) when he heard-


You can leave your hat on!”


“Oh, come on!”


Of all the songs, I enjoyed putting the last one in there, seeing as how it really is a stripping song. This little tid-bit came from a question from my lovely beta,

nelle_tenebre, as we were trying to dig up a plot!bunny.


Nelle : ...Someone gets food poisoning and has to do superhero duties...?
jett: ... No. : D
Nelle : I figured...
Nelle : does Johnny not overheat in the summer? *was just thinking about that*
jett:  'Skinda been done.
Nelle : No. That's really my question. I mean...'cuz there was that whole "walking space heater" thing, but what about in the summer? :\
Nelle : I don't know much about him, you do.
jett:  XD; Well, it seems heat doesn't bother him in general. I'm sure he goes through a lot of shirts, though.
Nelle : huh...
Nelle : you should do something with Jessica again...
jett:  XD; Actually, I'm starting to like the summer thing. Johnny: Oh, goddamnit! Not again! Peter: *looks up from his camera* ... *sighs*
Tags: fic, jett-chan, johnny/peter
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