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I totally stole this from another journal. Just looked interesting.
Some Interesting Questions
When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you normally think?::I could stand to lose a few pounds, and I really do look so much better with contacts.
Who is the last person you kissed?::Grandma. .___.
How do you define love?::Being willing to give a kidney for/to someone. That's love.
Are there people in your life that you wish would just dissapear?::: D Let me make a list!
How do you feel about school?::I love learning new things, but let's be honest. Way too much "drama" in a place it has no business being in. You're there to learn, people. Leave all that crap on MySpace.
Are you more of a night or morning person?::I think I have low blood pressure. So hard to wake up in the morning...
What is your favorite meal?::XD Almost anything Hamburger Helper. *won't lie*
Do you think you've had a decent childhood?::No. Not until I turned 10 or 11. But I like to consider myself a well-adjusted person. ^^  
Have you ever put a substance to your lips before you were old enough to?::Yes. I drank at the dinner before my sister's wedding. I had permission!
Does music have a color to you?::Indeed! Techno is mostly blues and purples.
Do you think celebrities deserve all the money for what they do?::I believe they won't work for anything less, the greedy bastards. And if they don't work, I don't get my guilty theater pleasure.
How do you feel about gas prices?::I think I feel ill...
Are you a Democrat, Republican or an Independant?::I'm mostly Republican, but there are some issues I lean left on (*cough*gayrights*cough*)
Do you blare the radio when you're in the car alone?::Yep! I also do my best singing while driving~
Have you ever walked around your house in your underwear?::XD Yes. Yes I have.
Have people ever taken advantage of you?::I'm sure they have. I've probably taken advantage of them right back.
How many hours a day do you say you spend on the Internet?::XD; Let's not go there. Daddy's thinking of making me join a "support" group.
Do you care if your water is from the faucet or a bottle?::Nope, as long as it doesn't taste iffy.
Have you ever hit anyone with an article of clothing?::XD Yes. I don't wear those panties anymore.
Do you eat when you're bored?::._. Yes. It's a nasty habit.
Have you ever given money to the homeless?::A couple times. Had a WWJD moment.
Do you stand out in the rain to think sometimes?::D: No. I hate it when my clothes stick to me.
Would you rather sit in a movie theater, or rent it and watch it at home?::Theater!! I spend a crap load of money there, but I absolutely love the experience.
Have you ever been asked out by a total stranger?::Yes... And they were all older than me. Much older. .____.
Are you interested in music from previous decades?::Hell yes!
What is/was your favorite subject in school that you had to take?::Psychology and English, baby!
Do you find kids sweet, OK, or annoying?::I hate kids, which is funny, 'cuz for a while there I wanted to be a child therapist. (Hate's a strong word... some are okay.)
How long have you had your Myspace account, or have been involved with it?::: D I proudly proclaim that I DON'T HAVE ONE!
Who is your favorite comedian?::Eddie friggin' Izzard. Genius.
How many e-mail addresses/screen names do you have?::Not a whole lot.
Have you ever been videotaped?::Yes. Family home movies.
Do you believe that technology will eventually take over?::Not really.
If you had to move to a different country, which would you choose?::Australia.
Are you proud of your hometown?::Kinda.
Have your parents remainded married your entire life?::No.
Do you feel like you have to keep in style?::My friends say I dress like an old person. Understandable, since I was raised by my grandparents.
Do you think that the young generation of today has life too easy?::Not as much as my Dad seems to think.
If you go to a all you can eat buffet, do you challenge to eat it all?::No, if it's a buffet that means it's usually Chinese. I like fried rice and egg drop soup, but let's not push it.
What was your favorite toy as a young child?::... My VCR. I was pretty much attached to it.
Did/Do you have a locker in your current school?::Yes. Last year to have one!
Do you have a diagnosed medical condition?::I have synethstesia. I don't find it to be a condition, since it's a pretty kick ass thing to have, in my opinion. The letter A thinks so too.
Do you feel like you have to take a million pictures of yourself to show?::I hate the way I look in pictures.
Do you feel as if you're becoming a successful person in life?::Indeed, I do!
Have you dated someone who in the end wasn't good for you?::Never dated. Don't plan to, really. I don't need a "significant other."
When you shower, how warm do you like your water?::I like my water pretty hot. Daddy's not to happy about it. I tend to take long showers.
Are you a stereotypical person?::Don't think so.
Does your favorite holiday have memories that you're not happy about?::I probably do, but I'm really good at repressing things.
Do you tend to lose things easily?::XD Oh man, do I.
Have you ever sleptwalked?::Nope. I'm dead to the world when I'm asleep.
Do you feel like the world will be a better place one day?::Not particularly. It's against current human nature to allow peace for too long. We're an aggressive species.
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