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I Fail...

Okay, so I stole this challenge from... somewhere I can't remember right now. The rules were basically something like this:

1. Pick a fandom or pairing.
2. Put your playlist on shuffle and use the first ten.
3. Write a drabble relating to the song. You only have until the song ends to finish the drabble. (<- I totally ignored this part.)
4. ... It was something. ._.

Anyway~ I only managed to finish 6/10 of them, but, blah. The last four songs just didn't click. I'll go ahead and tell you what those were, though. #7 Justice in Murder by Coheed and Cambria; #8 Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap; #9 Like Her by Mandalay; #10 Somebody is Watching Me by Rockwell (originally performed by Michael Jackson).

Now, on to what you really care about~! Drabbles range from K+ to T.

1# These Eyes by The Guess Who (Lonely)


Johnny never considered himself an emotional kind of guy. He’d been in dozens of relationships and even some flings that were never long enough to be considered much of anything else. One more notch on the bed post, one more less lonely night. But this had been it. This had been the pivotal connection he hadn’t realized he’d been waiting for his whole life.


With Peter, he never wanted to stay out so late in clubs that dawn peaked over the horizon. With Peter, he never needed to impress or sweet talk or work for attention. With Peter, he forgot just how lonely the nights could get. But Peter wasn’t there anymore and midnight never looked as damn cold as it did then, and Johnny couldn’t help but cry.


2# Harder To Breathe by Maroon 5 (Aggression)


Who did that wall crawling freak think he was? The amazing Spider-Man thought he was so great that he could reprimand him on his actions? It seemed to always be a constant battle between them. Johnny kicked a wall and threw Reed’s computer chair across the room. Two scorched hand prints scarred the back of it. Sometimes the exchange between him and the Web-Head was nothing more than friendly banter, but sometimes….


Sometimes that guy pissed him off so much he couldn’t breathe. If only he knew who his on-again-off-again comrade really was, it might make this all a little easier… or Johnny might kick his civilian ass.


3# Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off by P!ATD (Lust)


Johnny took the table in the far left corner of the restaurant. It was shady, secluded, and a bit melodramatic, but it fit his mood. It was the perfect spot. From here he could clearly see the rest of the establishment. Not that he cared about the rest of the place, just the center table. He sharply ordered a martini and leaned back in his chair to watch the show. Peter was looking especially attractive in his rental suit the blond observed. His eyes drifted over to the other side of the table. Mary Jane, too, was a vision of beauty tonight, and just by looking at her Johnny could almost forgive Peter. Almost.


Mary Jane excused herself to the ladies room then. Peter shifted. As if he could sense he was being watched, he turned to look in Johnny’s direction. The older boy had to fight to keep his grin to minimum when the color drained from Parker’s face. Priceless. The grin faded. Peter sank under the intense, unwavering gaze that Johnny pierced him with. He could see the accusing question clearly in those blue eyes.


Was it worth it?’ they asked. ‘Was it worth giving all of this up? All of what we had? The offer still stands.’


And Peter would have to apologize to Mary Jane in a big way for leaving her all alone at the restaurant that night.


#4 Ultimate Showdown by Lemon Demon (Nerdy)




“What? Are you kidding? No, no. Optimus Prime would so kick his ass!”


“Well, how about… Jackie Chan versus Indiana Jones?” Peter asked, erasing something on the rough draft of his term paper. Johnny leaned back against the bed and stared at the ceiling, thinking it over. He clicked his tongue and shook his head.


“Jackie Chan. Hey, I’ll see your Indiana Jones and raise you Chuck Norris!” he jabbed a finger in Pete’s direction. The boy on the bed looked down at him.


“Not fair! It’s Chuck Norris, it’d take an army to beat him!”


“Build your army,” Johnny said simply. Peter let the writing pad flop into his lap and he thought.


“Gandolf, the Black Knight, Terminator, Captain Kirk, the Power Rangers, the Rock, and Hulk Hogan. Beat that!” the college student pronounced triumphantly. Johnny was silent for a few minutes as Peter jotted down a few more corrections before he tilted his head back a grinned.


“Mr. Rogers.”


“… Damn.”




#5 Figures A and B by Hellogoodbye (Equation)


Peter sometimes saw their relationship like an elaborate equation with variables and functions that needed concentration and determination to be figured out. It was the inner scientist in him that couldn’t help but look at it in this way. For no more than thirty seconds. Peter would then remind himself that nothing Johnny ever did could be rationalized by calculus or physics.


There was no rhyme or reason to what they had, not really. And Peter? Peter wouldn’t have it any other way.


#6 Good Intentions by Toad the Wet Sprocket (Rebound)


Johnny stared at the ceiling. The events of last night hadn’t quite caught up to him just yet. He reviewed. Peter had just broken up with Mary Jane (again), so he took the kid out for a few drinks (again), and… and… Well, the kid looked like his world was crashing down! What was he supposed to do? Pat him on the back and drop the ‘other fish in the sea’ line? Well, okay, in hindsight, yes. That’s exactly what he should have done. Instead… Johnny laughed at himself. Instead, he had placed his hand on the back of his friend’s neck and planted one on him. All seemed right with the world until spider powered hands gripped his shoulders and pushed him away.


… He was an idiot, and he would stand by that revelation until the end of days. His phone suddenly started ringing, and he almost didn’t answer it, preferring to bask in his stupidity for a while longer. He sighed and checked the caller ID. He sprang up into a sitting position as the screen flashed “Peter Cell” and he flipped open his phone. The voice on the other end was hesitant, but determined.


“Hey… wanna grab a few drinks tonight?” And Johnny couldn’t stop himself from pumping his fist in the air.




Looking at my music library, I've got to say: WTF? I have an extremely eclectic taste in music. Oh, well. Sucks that I didn't get to do a proper 'superhero' one. Maybe next time. : D


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