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My dad is cooler than your dad. : P

I know I said this would be my fanfic journal from now on, but something kinda cool happened today at Mazzio's.

Pre-Information:  Daddy and I had just gotten out of church to eat lunch. Daddy and I are not necessarily religious, but we are spiritual and have great respect for many other religious and spiritual beliefs (not all, but most). Mazzio's is a hot spot to eat after all the churches let out (which seem to be at the exact same time...). We got there a bit late and some nice people let us sit at the end of one of the larger party tables. While Daddy and I ate at the buffet, the nice group that let us join them ordered instead.

Main Point: Daddy and I were almost finished eating by the time their food arrived. Then, one of the men asked the people in his group to join hands and say a prayer. Reflexively and out of respect, Daddy and I, at the same time without saying anything, set our food down and bowed our heads. Now, the reason I did it was mostly to be polite, but also because my grandparents pray before meals (Daddy and I do not). If I had not done so and Grandma was there, I knew I'd have a knot on my head and an angry old lady dogging my steps. I was both surprised and not at the same time that Daddy also bowed his head.

I was surprised because, like I said, he is not a religious fellow.

I was not surprised because my Daddy is one of the few gentlemen left in the world. He's the kind of guy to open the door for a lady and walk on the left side of a woman when on the sidewalk. Though he does not go by Christian guide lines per se, he is a very good, moral, and respective man.

Not really something other people care to read about, but I always love being reminded how much my dad rocks.
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