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"Everybody Likes Pudding" [Dec. 9th, 2007|04:25 pm]
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Title:  Everybody Likes Pudding
Author:  Jett-chan
Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis
Characters:  Ronon Dex/Evan Lorne
Rating:  PG (at the least)
Summary:  The incident with the homicidal crystal is over... Unfortunately, a past problem of Evan's is not


Major Evan Lorne stared at the meal in front of him with no real conviction. He wasn’t hungry, though he should have been. When was the last time he ate? Yesterday morning perhaps? Better question:  When was the last time he’d managed to get more than two hours of sleep, long Puddle-Jumper missions with McKay not withstanding? And let’s be honest, how long ago was that whole dream incident? A little over a month? None of this should be happening. It took many unnecessary sessions with a well-to-do therapist (who was always a little too full of herself, in Evan’s opinion) to finally figure out what was wrong, and he could still remember all the times his mother nearly had a heart attack when she woke up to find him nowhere near his bed. The whole sleep walking thing was the real reason to her hair graying early.


Evan’s frown deepened as he stabbed his mashed potatoes. He could remember one episode fairly well – or at least the consequences of said episode. Apparently he’d been dreaming about being abducted by aliens (go figure). Anyway, he’d managed to get out of bed, put on his shoes, walk outside, and sprint to the nearest line of dense woods that surrounded his neighborhood. When he woke up, he had no idea where he was; he stood clinging to a tree, eventually sliding down and curling in on himself until he heard some of his neighbors calling his name. He’d been eight-years-old at the time. And now here he was, thirty-seven and once again roaming without any true destination down the hallways. In his sleep. Without anyone knowing. Those who had witnessed Evan’s sleepwalking when he was a child always said he seemed perfectly conscious, minus some odd conversation with himself or someone who was seemingly not there.


Damn crystal thingy-ma-jigger.


Lorne shook his head and dropped his fork onto his tray. This venture was obviously going nowhere. He picked up his tray and went to dispose of it, trying to ignore the dampened sense of balance that comes with sleep depravation. He was about to exit the eating area when a couple of women, nurses he briefly registered, rushed past him in their hurry to get wherever it was they were going, one of them bumping shoulders with him. Normally, Evan would have side-stepped, waved a cheerful and sincere apology (his mother brought him up to believe that chivalry was not dead, but in fact on life support), and continued on his way.


Instead, his weary body failed him, and he ended up in one of those nifty slow-motion falls that he always enjoyed at movies. At least, that’s what it felt like to him. He was in the process of thinking, ‘Atlantis really does have nice ceilings,’ when he felt an arm wrap around his shoulders. The nifty slow-motion effect stopped. Evan blinked a couple of times and looked up to see who had caught him. Instead, he found himself staring into brown eyes of a certain ex-runner.


“Oh my goodness! Are you alright, Major?” asked the woman he had run into. Evan blinked again, feeling himself being placed back on his feet. Ronon gave him a questioning gaze before exiting the room. Evan stared after him for all of two seconds before turning back to the women and smiling.


“I’m fine. Sorry about that. You ladies have a nice day.” Ever the gentleman.




The good major quickly forgot the incident from that afternoon and just as quickly buried himself into the routine of daily life in Atlantis. He was almost reluctant to return to his quarters when his shift ended, knowing all that was left to do for the day was lie in bed and once again reflect on the craftsmanship that went into the city’s architecture. Imagine his surprise when he realized he’d fallen asleep. This realization was brought upon by Ronon shaking the daylights out of him.


“What the hell?!” he exclaimed, hands clinging to the upper arms of the larger man, trying to steady himself. It was then that he looked down. “Jesus!” He clung tighter to Ronon’s arms. “Why am I up here?!” Dumb question, seeing as how he already knew the answer. But, come on… Near the top of the Spire? Anyone was bound to lose some common sense.


Ronon didn’t say anything, but helped to pull him off of the ledge and back onto the platform. Instead of letting the major go, Ronon gripped the sleeves of Evan’s sleep shirt and simply raised an eyebrow, his expression only giving away his curiosity and possibly confusion.


“Um…” Evan began articulately, “I can explain?”






Evan blinked and concluded his staring match with his bedroom floor. Ronon had brought him back here, for which Evan was grateful. Even at night there were still quite a few people up and about. Having this conversation in the mess would have been a little unnerving. Still, Ronon was just standing there arms crossed while Evan sat Indian style on his bed. And apparently, Ronon was getting impatient as well.


“What the hell was that all about? You said something about an explanation.” The larger man growled out. Was it just the good major, or did he seem genuinely pissed off?


“Didn’t think you’d actually stay to hear it. Aren’t they serving midnight pudding? You like pudding, right? Of course you do, everyone does.” He was babbling. Damn it.


“Lorne…” Ronon’s warning tone was enough to get the other man to snap his mouth shut. Ronon uncrossed his arms and took a couple of steps closer. “Why the hell were you up there? I mean… first you stop eating,-“ (Evan looked up in surprise; he’d only missed a couple of meals) –“and now… Now you’re standing on the ledge of one of the tallest towers this place has. Again, what the hell? You weren’t… you weren’t about to take a dive off of that thing were you?” This last part was asked with less force and almost sounded perturbed. Evan, himself, was thrown for a loop.


“You mean a jump? Are you kidding me? Why the hell would I do that?” Evan’s brow creased. Seriously, of all the people to be accused of such a depressing thought…


“I’ve heard some of your team talking. They said you were in line for a really good position back on Earth.” Ronon paused. “They said you had a mother and other family.” He trailed off again. “It makes sense, I guess.” Evan’s eyes narrowed in confusion.


“What makes sense?”


“That you’d be up there. Can’t be easy being away from those people. But, I gotta say, I never pictured you to be the type.” Ronon explained. The major shook his head.


“Okay, time out! One- I am the most well adjusted person you will ever meet! Never forget that! And two- I wasn’t up there to… to do that! I probably would have just climbed off myself and walked right back to bed without ever waking up!” Evan crossed his arms and took a deep breath, satisfied with himself.


“Without waking up? What are you talking about?”




“Oh, just forget it,” he said, rubbing at his eyes. “This whole situation is wearing me out.”


“Were you sleepwalking again? Like when you were about to shoot Sheppard and Carter?” the ex-runner asked. Evan shook his head slightly.


“Nothing that extreme, no. But, yeah. I’ve been sleepwalking again,” he said in a defeated manner. He was far too tired for this, really. Ronon, it seems, did not pick up on this.


“I thought you said it’d been years since you’d last done that.”


“Well, technically, it was only about a month ago.”




Silence stretched out for a few moments. Evan straightened his legs and stood up, scratching the back of his head.


“They started up again after that little fiasco,” he confided. “Though I admit, that’s probably the first time I’ve ever climbed so many stories without waking up in the process. And hey, what was with the shaking? Don’t you know it’s never a good thing to shake or startle a sleepwalker?” he asked. Ronon’s frown deepened and he took another step closer.


“Why is it a bad thing?” It was the way he asked that made the major look up at him. Ronon’s expression was schooled into neutral, but Evan could make out what he thought was concern.


“Well… I’m not sure. I think I used to know at one point, but it’s been so long since I had my episodes when I was a kid.”


“It won’t happen again.” Ronon said suddenly. Evan blinked, trying to piece together what had been said. He really could use a good night’s sleep.


“Um… What, you mean my subconscious tower-climbing?” he half-joked. The larger man shook his head.


“I won’t shake you agaim.” At this, Evan slightly tilted his head, prompting Ronon to continue. “It’s why I stunned you back then, rather than let your own team mates shoot you.”


“It just would have been a leg or an arm… Surely nothing life threatening,” Evan said slowly. Ronon again stepped closer, in what Major Lorne liked to call his personal bubble.


“Still, I didn’t want you to get hurt.” He almost looked embarrassed to say it, as if he felt he was letting his guard too much. The smaller man (much smaller, considering he was bare foot) turned more fully to Ronon, green eyes searching brown. Searching for the full extent of what had just been said. Our major bit the inside of his lip for a moment before shyly smiling.


“You know… in the third week of my therapy sessions, we found out that I usually don’t get up when there’s someone next to me.” The questioning glint in Ronon’s eyes made Evan back track quickly. “Um, nevermind. I, uh, I’d better try and, um, get some sleep. Never know when something exciting may happen.” He stopped his babbling when the other man promptly closed the space he had created.




Major Evan Lorne doesn’t sleepwalk anymore. He’s far too busy keeping a certain visitor entertained at night, which hasn’t exactly solved his sleeping problem entirely.


And really, he can live with that.


As always, uber props to my beta, the ever lovely

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"Hold My Bag" [Sep. 10th, 2007|09:00 pm]
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Title:   Hold My Bag
Author:  Jett-chan
Fandom:  ... Take your pick.
Characters:  Johnny Storm, Peter Parker, that one lady from Maurice's. <<#...
Rating:  PG
Summary:   Johnny never knew his "boyfriend responsibilities" covered this.


Johnny had laughed at Peter when the invitation came in. The look on Parker’s face was priceless. The blush (brought about by the steady stream of “Why me?!” running through dear Peter’s head) was adorable and made the light freckles across his nose more visible. And perhaps “invitation” wasn’t the right word. “Order by Higher Power,” maybe. Jameson had requested (i.e.: demanded) his photographer’s presence at his son’s wedding. Yes, Johnny had his mirth and his jokes and all was right with the land.


Until he found out Peter didn’t have a suit.


Until he found himself being dragged through the mall.


“Pete,” he whined, “do I really have to be here for this?”


“Shut up. Yes, you do.” Peter shifted the backpack slung over his shoulder with his left and pulled harder on Johnny’s arm with his right. They wound up going into a formal clothing outlet, one of the larger areas, for both men and women. Peter walked slowly to the nearest rack and shifted through the suits (that really all looked the same). The boy’s face drained of color and he bit his lip. Johnny leaned in close.


“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked. Peter gnawed on his lip before he showed Johnny the price tag of one of the cheaper suits. Peter sighed.


“This was a bad idea. I should just rent one…” he lowered his head a little when one of the attending ladies of the store glanced their way, turning up her nose. Johnny frowned and resisted the urge to set one of the display plants on fire. Unfortunately, he could no longer do delinquent things like that (“I swear, officer! It spontaneously combusted right before my very eyes!”). He’d just wind up being the number one suspect. He placed a warm, calming hand on his friend’s shoulder.


“Hey, don’t worry about it. Remember that birthday gift I owe you? Consider us even today, yeah?” Johnny flashed his award winning smile when the color returned full force to Peter’s cheeks.


“You… you really don’t have to do that…” At this, Johnny simply raised a graceful eyebrow. It still amazed him how Peter could be forceful one minute (“Johnny, damnit, stop struggling! You’re coming with me!”) and adorably passive the next. Johnny wondered if this was what the boy was like before the whole radioactive-spider… thing.


“Not a problem, man. Take your pick!” he said (loudly, as to agitate Ms. Snooty-pants), spreading his arms wide towards the suit racks. The smile Peter gave him verified two things in his mind.


1: He no longer had to dig deep into Pete’s psyche to figure out what to get him for a very belated birthday present (he knew from past failures that even though Pete was a genius of sorts, he did not, to an extent, appreciate the same things as Reed; Johnny still couldn’t figure out what to do with the latest version of Particles:  Our Extremely Small Friends that was sitting uselessly on top of his shelf) and-


2: He was so getting sex tonight.


“… This one, maybe,” Peter said, shaking Johnny out of his thoughts and pointing to one of the suits. Johnny nodded his approval.


“Looks good to me,” he said. Peter took the suit off of the rack, shrugged his backpack off of his shoulder, and held it out to Johnny.


“Hold my bag.” Peter left little room for argument as he quickly made his way to the dressing room. Johnny walked slowly after him and sat in one of the chairs just outside of the changing area. From this point he could see across the store to the women’s dressing room. There sat three other men, wives’ purses in their laps as they waited with equal looks of misery. Johnny blinked, slowly looked down to his own lap, and quickly jumped out of the chair, shouldering the backpack awkwardly. Madam Pompous gave him a disapproving glare and he rolled his eyes.


“Lady, I just found out I’m practically a pseudo-husband. Gimme a break.”




D: I’m not loving it. It doesn’t seem to flow right. At all. This was just inspired by something that 



wrote and the comment I left her. And I know… the companion fic for my challenge response should have been done by now. DX I’m so terribly sorry.



P.S.: Thanks to the always lovely 

nelle_tenebre for the beta-work! *heart* (And if you do happen to find mistakes, she is not to blame. This has been gathering dust for a while and I just now made some changes. She has not seen the final product.)



P.P.S.: … This little snippet really shines light on my love for (parentheses)… -_-;

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I guess you could say I'm on a roll... [Jul. 31st, 2007|01:27 pm]
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Title:  Double Trouble in Paradise 
Author:  Jett-chan
Fandom:  Ultimate Spider-Man (... Don't hold it as Gospel though. I haven't actually read up to the clone arc.)
Characters:  Johnny Storm, Peter Parker, Jessica Drew, Mary Jane Watson.
Rating:  PG
Summary:  Answer to the Johnny and Jessica challenge! XD; Johnny's brain is a little behind, but that's just fine. 

Yes! As promised, here is my submission for the fresh new challenge. 


Saturday afternoon found one Johnny Storm, arm around the shoulders of an attractive brunette, walking around the local mall. She was pretty enough; soft brown eyes, brown hair, and a small build that betrayed her real strength. Johnny had often tried to pin-point how exactly this seemed familiar to him, but never really pursued the thought. She was freaky smart, too (which, in all reality, concerned Johnny; he seemed to be surrounded by geniuses). In fact, at this moment, she seemed determined to explain to him the importance of… well, to be honest, Johnny hadn’t really been listening. He just stared at her pretty mouth, nodding at what he hoped were the appropriate moments. This was his third date with Jessica, and so far he’d only managed to get one kiss (and that was because he surprised her… from the side… while she was trying to tell him something important; again, he wasn’t really listening, and he was sure she’d forgotten what it was by the time he was done kissing her).
Johnny’s already present grin became smug as he tightened his arm around her. Jessica stopped mid-sentence, a dark blush washing over her slightly freckled nose. Johnny thought it was cute how embarrassed she got when he would do the things any boyfriend would do. He was surprised when she told him she’d never even had a boyfriend before. In fact, she was so shocked when he had asked her out that her whole face became red and she began to stutter a little. Johnny vaguely remembers Peter doing something similar when he asked if the other boy’s Spidey outfit had ever given him a wedgie. 
And speak of the devil; Johnny looked towards the food court to find Peter sitting at a table near some deep fry fast food outlet. He nudged Jessica gently and pointed to him.
“Remember that guy I told you about? Peter Parker; he’s right there. Come on, I wanna introduce you!” He took a hold of her arm and pulled her with him. He heard her squeak and felt her dig her heels into the tile. He looked back to her. “Jess, what’s wrong?” he asked. Jessica bit her lip and shook her head furiously, brown hair flying. She began to pull him away from the food court, and Johnny was amazed at how easily she managed to get him to move. She must work out…
“Look, I’m tired… Can’t I meet him some other time?” she asked hopefully, looking towards Peter over Johnny’s shoulder. Johnny looked very confused, but then shook his head and smiled.
“What? Are you shy? Hey, don’t worry! So is Peter! You guys will get along great, I know it!”
“But, Johnny-“
“Pete! Hey, Pete!” Johnny called over to his friend. Jessica had hidden herself behind him as he walked over to the table. Peter looked up when his name was called.
“Hey, Johnny. What are you doing here? And who’s this?” Peter leaned over in his chair a little to see around Johnny’s body, but the girl simply side stepped slightly to the right be kept unseen. Peter blinked and looked to Johnny. The blond shrugged.
“Sorry, she’s been acting funny today. Hey, come here. Peter, this is my girlfriend, Jessica. Jessica, Peter.” And with that, Johnny reached around and pushed the girl in front of him. His toothy grin faltered quickly. Jessica was trying her best to hide behind her hair; Peter, on the other hand, looked like he was about to lose his eyes, what with them being so wide, and his mouth very nearly reaching the floor… Johnny was about to crack under the heavy silence when the dam finally broke.
“No freaking way.”
“I can explain!”
“No freaking way!”
“No, please! Listen, there is a reasonable explanation for this-“
“Reasonable! Reasonable she says!” By this time, Peter was out of his chair and looking somewhere between angry, confused, and embarrassed. In fact, Johnny thought in his own haze of befuddlement, it was much in the way of… Johnny stepped in between them, looking from one to the other. Peter and Jessica had frozen in place, both with similar looks of fear and blushing. So similar in fact that...
“Guys, I think my brain just broke.” Johnny quickly pulled a chair out from the table and sat down slowly. Peter and Jessica were suddenly each by his side.
“Look, man-“
“Oh, Johnny-“
“You’ve gotta understand-“
“I tried to tell you before-“
“You remember that one thing that happened that one time?”
“But, well…”
Johnny shook head to clear it a bit. He held his hand up to stop them from continuing as he pieced together what he wanted to say. He sighed and leaned forward, resting his arms on his legs, a look of deep concentration on his face.
“So what you’re saying, Peter, is that… you had a twin sister and never told me?” He winced as he was smacked upside the head from both sides.
“No, you matchstick moron!” was the double reprimand. At this Johnny rubbed his head.
“Jeez, what is this? Insults in stereo?” He pouted a little, making both Peter and Jessica sigh in exasperation. Peter looked around the food court. It seemed people had lost interest in all of their commotion, thankfully. Falling into his own chair again he leaned in towards Johnny, keeping his voice down to a whisper.
“Jessica is Spider-Woman,” he said bluntly. Jessica huffed and crossed her arms.
“Well, that was anti-climatic...” she said. “It also doesn’t explain to him about-“
“She’s my clone.”
“… Your tact at this moment is something to behold.”
“Hey, it’s no use beating around the bush here. Not with Johnny. Now, how about you answer some of my questions?”
“Oh, for the love- What?”
“Don’t give me that! You know as well as I do that-“
“Don’t even cross that line!”
“Line? What line? Pete, what line?” Johnny asked, looking from his date to his friend.
“No line! Did I say line? There is no line!”
“Oh, would you stop?! Of course there is, otherwise I wouldn’t be dating him in the first place. We wouldn’t even be in this situation!”
“Dude… you like me? Like… ‘like me’ like me?” Johnny asked Peter, pointing to himself in astonishment. Peter gaped.
Now your brain works?!” Peter pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a distressing groan.
“Peter? What’s wrong? Oh! Johnny, hey!” Mary Jane gracefully made her way to sit in the chair closest to Peter, and only then did Johnny notice the extra soda on the table. “Sorry I took so long. There was a line at the bathroom, can you believe it?” She looked up to see Jessica standing next to Johnny, looking very uncomfortable. “Oh, hello. You are…?” She asked, leaving the question open.
“Jessica Drew…” the brunette said quietly. Mary Jane smiled brightly.
“Nice to meet you! Are you here with Johnny?” she asked. It took only a couple seconds later before the redhead realized the heavy tension in the air. Jessica; shifting from one foot to another. Peter; head in hands. Johnny; staring at Peter. “Um…”
“Peter, I need to talk to you. Over there. Now.” Johnny stood up and pulled Peter out of his chair by his arm, dragging him over to the nearest outlet. Jessica watched intently as hands flew in explanation and mouths tried to form words faster than the other. They seemed to be arguing; seemed, but Jessica could see how Johnny was closer in Peter’s little bubble than usual, and anyone could see Peter’s reddening face.
“I missed something, didn’t I?” Mary Jane asked. Jessica blinked and looked over to her. She nodded slightly to answer her question before turning back to the boys. She could easily see what was beginning and she wasn’t sure exactly how to feel about it. She and Peter were basically the same person… minus the breasts… She sighed. Hey, getting used to those things took time. And effort. And a lot of standing in front of the mirror naked. Oh, well. Guess you can never beat the original. A wave of self-pity was about to come crashing down on her pretty little head when-
“Um… I’m sorry, but you seem familiar. Have we known each other before?” Mary Jane questioned, a faint blush across her cheeks, as she looked at her feet. Jessica’s eyes widened before gaining a calculated glint. A slow smile graced her features as she turned to stand directly in front of Mary Jane.

“We could certainly get to know each other."


Aaaand, thus is born a brand new fem-slash pairing. XD At least I think it's new. Anyway, this was fun. I had been wanting to write something with Jessica in it for a long time. Most of it ran somewhere along the lines of angst, but I didn't want that. This was a perfect challenge for me to finally get a humorous take on her. Jettie is happy! And, I know there wasn't as much Johnny/Peter as there should be. If there's too little, just tell me and I'll try to fix it. I know Jessica kinda ran with the show a bit. XD; Sorry.

EDIT: Also, I'd like to give much love to my awesome and talented beta,



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Swing to the left, damnit! DX [Jul. 16th, 2007|11:56 am]
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Title: The Great Race
Author: Jett-chan
Fandom: Ultimate Spider-Man (for the most part)
Characters: Johnny Storm, Peter Parker, Susan Storm
Rating: PG
Summary: Webbing ready, fire set, and GO! (Written after many frustrating attempts at beating Johnny on the Ultimate Spider-Man video game. *holds up bloody thumbs* This is just my way of getting back at him. Pre-slash. Which means this focuses more on their friendship... rivalry... thing.)


“Hey, Spider-brain! Wanna race?”
Peter looked up from his perch on one of New York’s many skyscrapers. A streak of flames flew past him before rounding back towards the building. Johnny Storm stopped mid-air in front of him, arms crossed.
“Didn’t I kick your ass pretty hard last time? For someone who’s able to fly, you suck.” Peter crossed his arms as well, despite the lack of wit on his part.
“Hey, hey! I was just… feeling feverish that day.” As soon as it left his mouth, Johnny winced.
“Feverish? Was that supposed to be funny?” The younger hero stood up straight. “Fine, I’ll humor you. Where to?” Johnny uncrossed his arms pointed a fiery finger in the direction behind him.
“To the very top of the Baxter Building. You up to it, Web-head?”
“Bring it, oh Great Fire Hazard.”
Peter let loose his webbing, flinging himself off of the building with practiced technique. Over head he could hear the sounds of Johnny’s flames crackling as he sped up. Peter shot out another line, propelling himself forward with as much strength as he could muster without seeming desperate.
“What’s the matter, Spidey? Can’t take the heat?” Johnny taunted from above. Peter pulled himself up and swung higher.
“Gimme a break! You couldn’t start a grill!” Peter dodged a lamppost and continued to draw upwards. People on the ground were pointing at them both with excitement. Tourists were snapping pictures (that in all honesty wouldn’t come out very well, Peter’s inner photographer observed; maybe two blurred streaks, but that’s about it.) Peter took in his surroundings again to see the Baxter Building growing larger.
“Give it up! This one’s mine!” Johnny put on a burst of speed, arching towards the top of the skyscraper. Peter made a frustrated noise in the back of his throat as he continued to release his webbing, swinging higher and higher. Finally, once he’d risen up enough, he swung his legs forward, back, and then forward again, letting go of the web-line. He curled in on himself, making a ball as he propelled towards the building. He’d almost made it to the top when he landed against the sturdy glass wall. Looking back for a split-second he could see Johnny right behind him. He quickly let the wall go with his hands and ran towards the top.
“Damnit!” he heard Johnny curse behind him. Peter climbed the rest of the way and pulled himself up on the ledge. He bent down and jumped up as high as he could and grabbed a hold of the prism top of the Baxter Building.
Scores for the day:
Spidey: 1
Torch: 0
“Whoo! Man, I own you! The Human Torch? More like the Blow Torch! Ahaha!” Peter continued to laugh as Johnny huffed in his annoyance.
“Do over!” he yelled. Peter rolled up his mask halfway to wipe away his tears of laughter with a gloved hand.
“Do over? Which one of us is older again?”
Johnny and Peter looked over the edge of the building to see Sue sticking her head out of one of the many windows, megaphone in hand.
“Ah crap…”
“Johnny, if you got scorch marks on the walls again, you are in big trouble!”
“Oh, come on! It’s not my fault if Reed hasn’t finished fire proofing this whole place!”
“Shut up, Web-head! It’s not funny!”
“Jonathan Spencer Storm!”
“Your middle name is Spencer?”
“Shut up!”


I should be writing J/P doing the dirty, but everytime I try ,I find some excuse to stop. D: Like... renting Ultimate Spiderman. DX Damn you, Storm! T^T So yes, this was just me getting back at him for the pain. *has thumbs wrapped in gauze*
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MORE Marvel Fanfiction? O.O [Jun. 29th, 2007|12:32 pm]
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Another one for dragondream08. It seems she has my muse wrapped around her little finger... 

Title: Of Cold and Heaters
Author: Jett-chan
Fandom: Fantastic Four + Spiderman
Character: Johnny Storm/Peter Parker
Rating: PG
Summary: Peter hates the cold. Johnny fights the cold. And the enemy of your enemy is your friend... or more.


When Peter was younger, it took three shirts, a sweater, and a plush jacket to even get him outside in December. That and play date with Mary Jane. Of course, not even that could get him to venture out into the white after MJ decided to stuff his shirts, sweater, and jacket with all the snow she could fit into her tiny, little hands. Some would say that this was the traumatic event that inspired Peter’s aversion to winter. Aunt May claims he gets it from his mother. Who knows.
Even to this day, our hero still holds on to his disdain for the winter season. The fact that he doesn’t have a car (let alone knows how to drive one) makes going to school and work an adventure all its own. And crime never stops…
Peter hates crime’s blatant disregard for weather conditions. He just didn’t take New York’s freakish climate into consideration when designing his suit.
It doesn’t help that the heater in his apartment broke down just when the caulking around his windows started to chip and peel away. Apparently God’s been reading the tabloids on the “evil human spider” and decided to make Peter feel really crappy for all of his wrong doings.  He’s had many a sleepless night, what with all of the exhausting shivering he’s been doing.
Nowadays, he still hates the cold (nothing will probably ever change that), but at least now he’s a bit more comfortable… well, maybe a little more than a bit…
Peter shifted closer to Johnny, who in turn wrapped his arms around him, pushing the covers down a bit. The perpetual warmth that Johnny gave off was more than enough to make the winter nights bearable. Now if only Peter could get this walking space heater to attend classes with him…


Ta-da. Took me all of thirty minutes. You can tell can't you? T_T (XD My dear friend nelle_tenebre suggested Walking Space Heater should be Johnny's superhero name instead of the Human Torch. I'm incline to agree.)

Well, there will be more coming, as soon as time allows. Now, go look at dragondream08's beautiful art work~
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Marvel Fanfiction? : o [May. 19th, 2007|08:18 pm]
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Well, thanks to dragondream08 I have finally done something for this pairing. This is a fanfiction inspired by her fanart titled "The Day Johnny Figured Out." It's beautiful. Go stare at it.

Title: Brilliant Deduction
Author: Jett-chan
Fandom: Fantastic Four + Spiderman
Characters: Johnny Storm, Peter Parker
Rating: PG
Summary: Everyone has epiphanies. Some are just more groundbreaking than others.

Johnny shifted his feet as he waited for the light to change. He would have taken his new sports car back to the Baxter Building (or flown, if he so felt incline), but it was a rare day. No overcast, no cook-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk heat or cold blistering wind (as if he would have notice in the first place). It was a perfect day.
We’ll overlook the fact that a freak blizzard would come the next day, followed by the longest heat wave New York had seen in thirty years. But I digress.
Johnny heard giggling behind him and turned to see two pretty things winking at him and giving cute little waves. Johnny gave them his trademark flirty grin and stood a bit straighter, making the girls blush and giggle louder. He was in the middle of deciding whether or not to make something out of this (they looked at least eighteen) when the crowd of people around him started moving, dragging him along with it. He shrugged. No big deal. No real loss.
He picked up his pace, staying with the crowd. He was almost to the other side of the crosswalk when he bumped into someone in a red hoodie migrating in the other direction. The person mumbled a quick and preoccupied, “Sorry,” before running a hand through his hair and continued walking. Johnny stood there, staring at the back of the young man, for a few moments before he was shoved back into reality by a bulky man who was in way too much of a hurry (“Outta the way, pretty boy!”).  Johnny made it to the other side without further incident before what he had just seen fully developed in his mind.
“Spidey has hair…” was our hero’s great epiphany.
Later, atop the Statue of Liberty, Johnny would make the off handed comment about how he always thought his friend had eight eyes instead of blue. Spiderman, who nearly fell off of Liberty’s torch and unto her feet, demanded an explanation. Johnny simply chalked up his new found knowledge to brilliant powers of deduction. Hey, he finally got one up on the guy. No way he was gonna tell him his suit was showing under his clothes.


Okay. I'm done for today. No more failed attempts at good writing. *jabs finger in dragondream08's direction* I blame you, hun. This is all your fault. And to clear up an earlier grey area before, yes- I am a lass. XD;;

Please be gentle. I bruise easily.
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It was a big spider! D: [May. 19th, 2007|06:24 pm]
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Well, another month of silence. XD; Oops. I'm too good at procrastinating. I'm on the internet every day and all... 

Anyway, lots of stuff has happened these past few weeks. Too much to write everything down. The important stuff:

1) I'm joining band next year... though I've never played an intrument or had the ability to read music...
2) I'm taking a crap load of honors classes, meaning my brain just may explode.
3) I really need to get a job.
4) I really, really need my driver's licence.
5) I really, really, really need to finish the list of books I want to read (it's been staring at me for days...)
6) I have an itch in the middle of my back that I can't reach.
7) I have semester tests next week. Eek...
8) I haven't stopped yawning for the past four days.
9) I had to call Daddy into the bathroom to kill a spider I found in the tub. He called me a pansy.
10) Speaking of Daddy, I'm now a semi-fan of Toad the Wet Sprocket. A band few have heard about, but loved all the same. Thank you, Daddy.

That's about it. TTFN. Ta-ta for now~

Here, kittykittykitty~ [Mar. 23rd, 2007|11:19 pm]
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My tribute to lylith_st
She has beautiful Psych art that blows my mind. Sadly, my coloring fails her in many way. (To be honest, I printed out this picture first and used color pencils. It looked much better then. But, it seems the forces of evil have possessed my scanner. Therefore, I was left with no choice but to use a crappy photo-edit program. Eh.) In my color pencil version, the cat was grey and Shawn's hair was much darker. Again, forces of evil work against me. My program wouldn't make Shawn's hair a dark brown, nor would it make the cat grey. I am very sad. Also, she does not know I did this, so I may be deleting it soon if she doesn't want me to put it up. ^^; C'est la vie.

P.S.: I made it look like Shawn has Jaundice. ._____.

P.P.S: Another thing, I wasn't sure if Shawn was actually wearing pants or not. I thought about it a few seconds before nearly suffering from a nose bleed. Therefore, Shawn now has pants. XD;;
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I am reborn! D: [Mar. 4th, 2007|12:20 pm]
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Another dry spell~ I've gotta cut that out. I won't make excuses except to say that I'm lazy. *shrugs*

Anyway~ here's what's been goin' on!

My hair has grown at least two inches, I've managed to maintain a 4.0 which rocks my world, I've been on a country music high for the past few weeks (it has yet to die; long live Toby Keith!!), 80's music is trying to force its way into my mind as well (as you can see, I'm listening to Footloose as I write this), and I've been reading up a storm. I sometimes even skip doing homework just to get "just one more" chapter in.  

Oh, yeah! Here's a list of movies (not in any order) that I must see this summer (or there will be dead and dying...)

Fantastic Four 2
Spider-Man 3
Ocean's 13
Pirates of the Caribbean 3

This list may grow. *nods* Just might. 

Another random note:  I really want them to make a Psych movie just so they can have the cast sing The Credits Song from Veggie Tales at the end. *nods again* It needs to be done. 

P.S. Finally read Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter. I am at peace with myself. The next one (Dexter in the Dark) comes out this summer~ Oh, the first book, I think, was better than the second. But that's just me.

Murder with a Smile. : D [Dec. 29th, 2006|09:48 pm]
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[music |Faint of Heart - Coheed and Cambria]

Christmas has come and gone. Got lots of stuff I asked for. Am happy. 

Now if I could just read Darkly Dreaming Dexter. DX I really really wanna read it! My little sister  has already read it... I envy her with a passion. I got a ton of money in gift cards to book stores, and you can bet that I intend to use them! D<

Also, the move is almost complete... joy.
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