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Repress and Deny!

The only way to handle a situation. : D

16 October 1990
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First and foremost: The reason I don't list my interests: ... I really don't know. I might forget something and I have this fear of some things being incomplete (not counting my own fanfiction... *should be writing*). If you wanna know if we might have a mutual interest, just ask. I'm not easily offended by those sorts of things.

I am the Amazing and Sometimes Intangible Jett-chan! What sort of things would you like to know about this thought provoking creature? Let's start with the basics:

1) Yes, I'm from Oklahoma. Yes, we have Internet. Yes, we have indoor plumbing. No, I've never tipped a cow. In any sense of the word.
2) Every personality/aptitude test I've ever taken says I'm a great people person, which odd considering that fact I generally dislike people. People have a tendency to be mean and stupid.
3) I've recently been enthralled by Robert Browning poetry. He shocks me in the greatest of ways.
4) I love '90s Disney.
5) I love musicals (NOT High School Musical...).
6) I love music with all my heart. Coheed and Cambria has claim of my entire left ventricle.
7) I love to read.
8) I loath Stephenie Meyer...
9) I love the men and the ladies, if you know what I mean~ *inappropriate pelvic thrust*
10) I adore slash with all my being. M/M, F/F; it all floats my boat. Can't remember the last time I read a het fic. My slash goggles are so thick, I'm surprised I can see daylight.
11) I love Miyazaki, mostly because he can actually make me appreciate het.
12) I'm President of the S.W.A.T. Club (Students Watching Anime Together) at my college.
13) I love movies because I love being in theaters. Thank you for taking me to all those shows, Daddy.
14) I'm the greatest actress that's never acted.
15) I hate grape juice, but I drink it all the time...
16) Nelle_Tenebre rocks my world. <3
17) I may even learn Italian for the above reason.
18) I hate High School "drama." There is no drama in High School, only the illusion of drama. The real world will eat you up if you think otherwise.
19) I love G4 TV; I love Kevin P.
20) This is now my fic journal, though I might randomly throw in bits about my life I feel like sharing~ So all in all, enjoy!