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Title:  Hostage Situation
Author:  Jett-chan
Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis
Characters:  Ronon Dex/Evan Lorne, Shep's team.
Rating:  PG
Summary:  Answer to my After-Holiday challenge, prompts #3 (Hostage) and #4 (Negotiations). 


The room was a mess. The drawers had been pulled out, clothing strewn every which place; the mattress wasn’t straight, but at an angle, it's bedding torn off. Painting paraphernalia littered the floor. The light that came through the long window fell upon books that had been wrenched from their place on the shelf above the bed. And in the middle of it all stood the major.


Evan was not an impulsive person by nature outside of his military duties. He liked to think things through when he had the time. He wasn’t one to lose his cool either, even under quite intense situations. But this… this challenged his established good will and saintly patience. His breathing was uneven as he again looked around his room, looking for a place he had not already checked twelve times. He locked his hands behind his head and screwed his eyes tightly closed. Where? Where could it possibly be? He never took it outside of his quarters.


He back-tracked, looked in every possible hiding spot, everywhere he remembered leaving it at one point or another. Nobody who’d ever been in his room knew where it was or that he even had one; he’d checked all of his books that looked remotely similar to- Oh, wait… Wait, back up one.


Damn it.






Ronon sat leaned back in his chair at the table he and his team occupied in the mess hall. McKay was on a tangent again, Sheppard baiting him at every breath’s chance. Teyla looked on in amusement as she ate, but Ronon was simply bored. No one was quite willing to spar with him that day and he hadn’t been able to find Lorne… not that he tried hard to begin with.


He smirked a little. He could almost picture the other man’s face when Evan would finally realize that… and really, Ronon had expected him to have come barreling out of his quarters a long time ago demanding it back. At this thought, he uncrossed his arms and lifted a hand to the table to pick up a black leather-bound book. The major’s sketchbook.


“What’s that?” the colonel asked suddenly, cutting off McKay. The scientist looked somewhat slighted but turned his attention to the book. Ronon shrugged.


“A hostage,” he said simply.


“Hostage for what?” Sheppard asked as he leaned forward and reached out to take it. Ronon lifted it out of his reach and the colonel raised an eyebrow. Suddenly a hush fell over the area and everyone turned to the entrance. Major Lorne stood there looking quite perturbed, eyes scanning the large room until his eyes fell on the ex-runner. His eyes narrowed and everyone watched cautiously as he walked calmly towards the colonel’s table, people averting their eyes as he passed. He stopped and stared hard at Ronon, as if the others weren’t even there. The Satedan straightened slightly in his chair.


“Something wrong, major?” he said as he held the book in both hands and in his lap. Lorne almost looked like he was about to explode (by this time McKay had smartly scooted far away from him and closer to Sheppard) but he took a shallow breath and glared down at the man in front of him.


“I don’t know why, and really, I don’t care. Just give it back,” he said as he held out his hand. Ronon stood up, locking eyes with the major in obvious amusement. He waved the book a little.


“What…this?” Eyes still on the major at first, he opened it and flipped a couple pages. Looking down he saw a relatively ordinary sketching of some of the Atlantis personnel going about their daily lives. Flipping a few more pages showed much of the same thing, sometimes people, sometimes the city itself.


“Yes, that,” came Evan’s edged voice. Suddenly, he became all too aware of people paying close attention to them. His angered persona faltered slightly and he looked away from Ronon. “Hand it over.” The taller man glanced back at the book.


“You’re no good at negotiations, you know that?” he said, smirk growing.


Negotiations…?” the major asked in a flat voice.


“Yeah, nego-” Ronon was suddenly tackled from the front, hitting the ground hard. What the- Evan pulled at his arms and tried to wrestle the book away from him but Ronon kept a sturdy grip on it. By this time, people were up from their tables and standing around them. McKay looked to Sheppard, expecting him to step up as ranking officer to stop the brawl, but the colonel was laughing way too hard to give orders to anyone. Teyla looked contemplatively at the scene before speaking up.


“This reminds me of the boys in my village that would pull the hair of the girls they liked to get their attention,” she said fondly before sipping her water. This only served to make Sheppard double over while McKay flinch.


All the while Ronon and Lorne struggled on the floor to the amused chanting of the crowd.


I have no excuse. Really. XD; A desperate attempt to stay in a creative mood, I suppose.
Tags: after-holiday challenge, fic, ronon/lorne
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