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Title:  Green and Morphine
Author:  jett-chan
Characters:  Ronon Dex, Major Evan Lorne, Dr. Keller
Rating:  PG
Summary:  Lorne knows he's being unfair to them both. At the moment, he doesn't care.
Disclaimer:  Oh, please. Ronon and Lorne would be getting waaaay more screen-time with each other if lil' ol' me had dibs.


It was all very irrational. The displaced, unnamed sinking feeling he got when Ronon had to cut their sparring time in half that day because he already made plans with her; the jealously that crept and clawed its way up his throat when he would eat with her.  None of it made sense, not really, because he couldn’t honestly expect be Ronon’s only friend and companion outside Sheppard’s team. He was being selfish for no reason. But the feeling was still there, so he did what his childhood therapist always told him never to do:


He repressed and denied.


He would shove away these confusing feelings and drop-kick them into submission. Besides, it was a good thing that Ronon was making friends. He knew the Satedan was still having a hard time fitting into the mold of the Atlantis team; this was good PR.


Was I not good enough PR? Major Evan Lorne shook the thought from his head, a headache forming behind his right eyebrow. Or maybe too good and now everyone wants to be in the ex-runner’s good graces. The throbbing pain blossomed, spread. Finally, it had been too much for him to concentrate on what was being said at the table.


“Major?” Evan looked up from rubbing his forehead to see his team watching him with concern. The major smiled, stood up, and waved a hand for them to continue their conversation. The infirmary was really the last place he wanted to be right now, but what were the odds they’d both be there?




100% it seems. Evan stood in the door way and tried not to pass out as the pain behind his eyes intensified. As far as he could tell, there was nothing wrong with Ronon. Not cuts, no scraps, and he was standing too straight to have a broken rib. There was no one Ronon knew personally in any of the beds, as far as Evan knew, but then again, Ronon wasn’t standing by one of the beds. No, he was standing by her. Dr. Keller turned from Ronon and saw him.


“Major? Are you alright? Is there something I can help you with?” she asked. Evan glanced at Ronon and could see something he wasn’t sure he believed. Concern. The major turned back to Keller and took a deep breath to steady himself. This wasn’t her fault (whatever this was). He couldn’t just blame his screwed up emotions on her and be done with it. He forced a small smile and shrugged his shoulders.


“No, ma’am. Just taking a walk.” He gave a little wave and quickly turned. There was now a ringing in his ears accompanying the sharp pain that persisted. The ringing became so loud as he walked in long strides down the halls that he never heard the sound of boots running to catch up with him. When a hand landed on his shoulder and spun him around he could see nothing but a blur of color, something sickening instead of artistic. The last thing he could hear beyond the ringing was Ronon shouting his name. The world faded to black before he hit the ground.


“Evan? … Evan… Evan!” He was being shaken. At least, he thought he was. He could feel himself being shifted, gently and rough, alternating. The ringing was gone, but the headache remained. He pressed his eyes tighter together refusing to open them right away. He could hear other things too, hushed and hurried words all around him.


“Is he okay?”


“Major? Major, can you hear me?”


“Someone go get Dr. Keller!”


Too many voices at once. Too many to focus on.


“Evan. Evan, look at me.” Ronon. Slowly, Evan pried his eye lids apart, squinting up at a bright light that was suddenly shown in his eyes.


“Major, it’s Dr. Keller. Can you sit up?” He ignored the question, eyes darting around to find-


“Evan, come on, sit up.” He felt someone grab his arm with one hand and brace his back with the other. Ronon. Evan leaned back into the hand bracing him just slightly, raising his hands to his head. They were pried away and the light was shined into his eyes again.


“Major Lorne, can you tell me what happened?” And just like that, Evan got his second wind. He shot up, causing those who were gathered around him to back away. He stumbled a bit but managed to avoid a large arm that reached out for him. He didn’t get far, though. The large arm and the body attached to it were not to be denied and he was captured by his shoulders and turned to the other direction, towards the infirmary.


“Let the doc take a look at you,” Ronon said.




Dr. Keller felt the bump on the major’s head with a look of sympathy. Evan was seated on the edge of a bed, legs hanging off. He would have bolted by now (he and his sister had always hated hospitals) but Ronon was standing close by, as if expecting him to do just that.


“Well, Major, it looks like you have quite the concussion,” Keller said. Evan lifted his hand to feel the back of his head.


“Must have been when I fell just outside…”


“I caught you before you hit the ground,” Ronon said, suddenly. Evan looked to him and couldn’t stop the faint heat that spread across his face.


“Then… it must have been from this morning,” he said.


“When we were in the training room?” Ronon asked. Evan nodded and soon regretted it. Dr. Keller patted his leg.


“I’ll see if I can find you some good ol’ morphine in a pill,” she said, walking away. An awkward silence fell over the remaining two.


“… Why didn’t you come in earlier for that?” Ronon asked, crossing his arms. Evan blinked and looked up at him.


“Didn’t really hurt at first. Besides, seems like Dr. Keller was a bit preoccupied.” The major surprised himself at how cold he managed to sound. He bit the inside of his mouth and looked away, knowing again it was wrong to take his frustration out on her. Ronon’s brow forwarded, a frown of confusion tugging at his lips.




“I’m sorry. I just… I’m not thinking straight right now is all.”


“I’m not an idiot, Lorne.” The man on the bed looked up in surprise at Ronon’s sudden declaration. The Satedan walked over and sat down next to him on the bed. Evan could feel the heat of the other man wash over him, and his flush became stronger. He didn’t say anything, prompting Ronon to continue. “She feels out of place here. I know what that’s like. She just needs one person to show her she’s important to change that. I mean… I had you, right?” The bigger man shifted, as though uncomfortable. “I still have you, don’t I?” By this point, Evan had nothing to say. He looked into Ronon’s eyes, stunned. His jaw opened a couple of times with nothing coming out. A polite cough broke their stares. Dr. Keller stood there, a shy smile on her face as she shook the pill bottle.


“Here we go, Major Lorne. This should fix you right up.” She handed the small bottle to him. He looked at her with a renewed outlook as he took it. He turned the bottle in his hand… and smiled up at her.


“Thanks, ma’am. What would my bleeding brain do without you?” he asked playfully. She let out a giggle and waved him towards the door, signaling that he could go. Evan hopped off the bed, ready to make his exit. A strong arm threw itself around his shoulders, friendly in nature.


“See you later, Doc.” And with that, Ronon walked out of the infirmary with the major.


Hmm... Wrote this a few months ago for nelle_tenebre. She was a bit irked by the... budding relationship of Ronon and Keller. I can't say I was too thrilled either. Well, hopefully this will quell some fears... and possible hatred.
Tags: fic, ronon/lorne
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